Adult Dating on Facebook

by admin on March 22, 2012

Adult Facebook Social Networks Dating

To understand the process of meeting and seducing a woman on adult facebook , you must first know how to attract her and once she is hooked how to build wide and deep rapport with her. The goal here is to create connections on two emotional levels; first on a primal / instinctual / sexual level and then on an emotional/ understanding/ commonalities level. If you learn to do this correctly and consistently, you will become a formidable  adult facebook seducer. In this article we will go further by explaining how attraction happens on adult social networks and the process of seduction on sex facebook as a whole.

Imagine the seduction process on adult facebook social networks like this there are 2 empty glasses, one is attraction and the other is rapport. First you must fill up the attraction glass. When it is full, you will start to notice indicators of interest. That signals it is time to fi ll up the rapport glass. If you make the very common mistake of filling the rapport glass first and there is no attraction, she will start to see you as a friend and on your first move she will give you the famous, “Lets just be friends,” line. Why is that?

Because even though you connect with her on a lot of topics and you can talk about lot of things, she doesn’t feel any kind of SEXUAL attraction towards you. It’s the same as buying a car or making any kind of major decision. First, you feel an emotion towards the thing in question, then logic follows and you make the decision. When someone tries to sell you a car the first thing he’s going to do is appeal to your emotions. He’ll talk about it in descriptive terms and let you drive it and feel what it’s like to own it. Then once you are hooked on the emotions, he’ll sit you down with the paperwork and talk about numbers and logical points. If he did it in reverse, he’d never make a sale. Seduction on adult social networks like adult facebook is the same. A woman will never want to bother building real rapport with you and seek commonalities unless she feels something.

Emotion first, then logic. That’s why first, we must create attraction. If you have sexual attraction, she will want to know you better and connect with you on adult social networks. She will often start asking for rapport by giving you leading questions or offering up personal information. Then you can move into rapport together without having to force it. On the fl ip side, many guys who are good at building attraction forget to move into rapport and build a real emotional connection with a woman. They become a shallow caricature of the cocky entertaining guy at the bar. Then what happens is the guy gets a phone number, she goes to sleep and tomorrow when she wakes up she doesn’t feel anything towards him anymore.

The feeling goes away, like all feelings do. It disappears with time like any emotion and she has no logical justify cation based on a real mental connection to justify calling him back. He was just some shallow hot guy who hit on her last night. In order to lock in attraction and make it last, you must create rapport. You must connect with the other person.

There is a crucial point where you must jump to rapport. If you pay attention to the girl’s sub-communications you will notice that she will tell you exactly what you need to do to seduce her. You can trust these signals because they come from her subconscious. They will tell you through their actions when they are really attracted, when you have created rapport and when she is ready for the kiss. You just need to be relaxed, and watch out for the signals. Once you create good rapport with the girl (wide and deep) and reach the soul mate level that will guarantee that you see her again.

Adult Social Dating.

So the basic structure of a good seduction on adult facebook social networks is like this:
You approach and initiate the conversation. Then you move to a comfortable position — this means you position yourself in the conversation so that you are physically comfortable and she feels comfortable talking with you. This is a small but crucial detail before attraction happens. In order for her to be comfortable talking with you, YOU first must be comfortable talking.

Next, we develop attraction by conveying the personality traits of her ideal guy. You can monitor attraction by the indicators of interest she sub-communicates. Once we have attraction, we move into rapport which must be wide and deep (which we will discuss later). And fi nally after we have rapport she is ready for the kiss and eventually isolation to a different location.

Our main objective is to appeal to her emotional Adult Social Networksnature completely by satisfying her on the basic sexual level and on the more cerebral soul mate level at the same time. This is not only the secret to seducing a woman you just met on some adult social networks, but also to holding on to her once you have her which we will discuss in later